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Bodybuilding Over 40-Ten Weeks Later Plus Pics!

It’s only been ten weeks since I started this?  Time both flies and stands still.

Yesterday, Monday, marked the beginning of the 11th week of lifting according to the workout routine I posted previously.  My first workout was May 18th.  Here I am ten weeks later… Am I back in shape?  Yeah….  That’s a bold statement… but it’s true.

Last week I started on Monday doing five sets of five with heavier weights.  When I got to the body weight exercises at the end, I pushed for 10 reps on dips and incline ab raises.  I had mentioned that doing 50 dips in day and living to tell about it was something I’d never imagined I’d be able to do.  Truth be told, the next day I suffered  knots in my right shoulder and trapezius that prevented me from lifting last Wednesday.  I could not get my shoulder loose enough to move through its range of motion without sudden twinges of pain.  When I tried my first set of bench presses, I lifted the bar off the rack, and felt dangerously close to a twinge that would force my arm to collapse.  I took the day off, but I was really annoyed.

I had broken my right collarbone somewhere around 1991.   As my collarbone healed, it wound up about an inch shorter than my left.  I think the slight difference leads to nearly perpetual knots in my trapezius muscles in my neck and under my right shoulder blade.  I stretched a lot and was flexible and mobile enough to work  out Thursday and Saturday.  You can actually see the difference between my collarbones in the pics below.

Because I was somewhat concerned about the spasms and knots, I did not push my weights higher at any point this past week. I did try to do Thursday’s and Saturday’s workouts in less time. I began Saturday’s session too late… 90 minutes before the time I had to be at a friend and neighbor’s house for dinner.  I had no choice.  I had to push myself on the time between exercises and sets.

It was the first time I completed any of these workouts in one hour.  And let me tell you, that was DIFFICULT.  It took me an hour to stop sweating. Even though I hadn’t increased my weights, I hit a new peak of intensity shortening the workout.

So enough of me talking about progress.  It’s time for pictures.

I’m stalling.  I’ve resisted….  It feels a bit weird and self-doubt creeps up… But, if anyone is ever going to believe me that Vince DelMonte KNOWS what he’s talking about, I have to bite the bullet and just get on with it.

It was late when these pics were taken by my now ex-wife. I had to manipulate lighting in Picassa so you can actually see me. I’ll update them with pics taken in daylight.

I took a vacation in January 2009 with family.  Pics from that trip will have to suffice:

Actually Me in Jan 2009

Actually Me in Jan 2009

Also me in not so great shape at 47 in Jan 09.

Also me in not so great shape at 47 in Jan 09.

Since I never really imagined I’d be posting pictures of myself… I didn’t take any “before” shots as I started the routine.  So, these are photos from January 09, when we were on a cruise vacation.  Since I didn’t do much in the way of physical activity between then and May 18th when I started, this is a good enough approximation for… well… me.

Ok, so the photographer admitted to being camera-challenged.  It was late at night.   I had wanted to take these pictures right after my workout Monday so I could be a little more “pumped up.”   How vain.  I know.

Have you ever putting pictures of yourself  on line?  Posing?  After only ten weeks trying to get back in shape?

Enough disclaimers.  Here goes nothing:

Some progress for 10 weeks of lifting.

Some progress for 10 weeks of lifting.

Why didn't the flash work? Who knows?

Why didn't the flash work? Who knows?

We’ll get better pics up soon.

And one more just because…..

After ten weeks of the "six week workout."

After ten weeks of the "six week workout."

Because the camera was taking literally 20 seconds when the flash was on, all the shots taken with the flash were blurry.  So, I resorted to Picassa and lightened up the non-flash pictures so I could see them.  I’ll replace these at some point soon.

I know I had to post pictures so I’d be the least bit credible.

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you’d remember I did no big extra diet modifications, still eat pizza with my boys on Friday nights, and have indulged a few times since I started this “journey.”   Frankly, I’m amazed at how well DelMonte’s guidelines have proven out.

Sure, I don’t belong on bodybuilding dot com or “steroids R us” websites, but this is progress for ten weeks.  How big can I get?  I don’t know.  I’ve been skinny my entire life.  Some of my cousins are big.  Maybe I have more potential than I was ever able to understand.   After this week, I’ll take a week off, I think, and start up a new routine and use even more information contained in the full blown course.

Time to cook the boys dinner!  Enough for today!

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