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Getting Back in Shape

Saturday, 6/6/09 Hi, thanks for stopping by.  My first post in this blog has a lot of the back story, so I’d suggest you find the “Get In Shape” post.

I had started writing the first post last Wednesday, and edited it yesterday, shortly after finishing that workout.  I cleaned up a few typos and posted it this morning.  I”m going to try to make this one quick…

As I mentioned in the first post, Friday was the first I got through three sets of the compound exercise workout.  I’ve had a hard time balancing DelMonte’s instruction to “create an oxygen debt,” and determining how much weight to use for each exercise.  For me, there’s a little trial and error involved… I hadn’t been working out regularly before starting this up, and my old habits included training to failure each set.  I knew I had to lower the weight I’d normally do, but I didn’t know how much.

Since I am 47, soon to be 48, and am aware I’m not yet in great shape, I only did one set of the “circuit” for the first three, maybe four workouts.  Yes, I want to get in shape fast, but I don’t want to kill myself in the process.  The instructions include allowing the least rest possible between exercises, which is new for me.  I used to rest until I was good and ready to put everything I had into the next set.  Starting a set already out of breath really decreased my capacity for that set.  But, I recognize, as I’m trying to suck all the oxygen out of the atmosphere, that the “least rest possible” between sets REALLY amplifies the cardio effect and benefit of the routine.

I struggled the couple of times I tried to do two sets.  I felt super tired halfway through the second pass through the routine, and took more time and recovered a little before starting the next exercise.

This past Wednesday, June 3, actually, I did two sets, and had even increased the weight on a couple of exercises. I felt it the next day.

My wife and I agreed our goal Friday would be doing all three sets, so I reduced the weights I used, reverting back to what I started to use when I began. Even with this, I hit a MAJOR cardio wall.  Since I had decreased my weights, I forced myself to finish all three.  I took longer and longer between exercises on the third pass through the routine, but I was determined.

I said it was tough in the first post.  My lungs were burning I was breathing so hard.  But, in line with the thought that our bodies will try to adapt to new requirements we impose, I felt good that I was really in new territory.  I did catch myself getting a little sloppy in my form on a couple of reps, though. So if you’re thinking about starting this up, remember that good form will prevent injuries.

Ok, so it’s Saturday, and I’m sore, and feel a little tired, but it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  My forearms are the most sore, and that’s ok.  I want to get some strength and endurance in them because my next order of business is to get playing my guitar again.  My wife said she felt a little tired, but not too sore… yet.  She started off in much better cardio shape than me, and that advantage may be showing.  One thing I do have to say, though, is that my muscles were more pumped than perhaps they’d ever been. Maybe I’m just not remembering my old workout days all that well, but I felt huge. My inner 16 year-old self dug that!

Since I’m not a crumpled heap on my couch, I’ve got a lingering renovation project I’m going to try to finish. I might have to change the oil in our cars, though… and replace the belt on the lawnmower. It never stops.

It’s only been three weeks… and I know I’m getting in shape.  I’ve lost a good deal of my admittedly not-too-large love handles, I’m standing up straighter, and have more energy.  I am digging this routine…  DelMonte Fitness

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