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Bodybuilding Over 40: Obstacles

Maintaining Bodybuilding Focus

It’s hard enough to focus on bodybuilding workouts with the level of effort required to get real results. Add in the constant drone of voices of anxiety on the news, and it looks miraculous that you can even focus on working out and taking care of yourself at all. Life is generally hectic for everyone. I don’t know of anyone who would disagree that stress levels are up or that everyone’s general anxiety level is higher every year.

Back to school times introduce variables to those of us who are parents.

Unavoidable Workout Routine Disruptions

My least favorite element of back-to-school times is that these wonderful institutions of learning sometimes appear to be nothing more than enormous incubators, harboring mutant variations of viruses to which I should have developed immunities long ago. But, without fail, despite my level of fitness and physical conditioning this year or the last two, I’ve gotten a cold within a week of my boys going to school here in CT.

I can’t work out when I have a cold. I’ve not been able to work out for over 10 days. My last was a good workout Friday evening, 9/18. That week and the one prior, I had only managed to get two workouts in each week as our family adjusted to school schedules and the resultant adjustment anxiety in the kids that disrupted everyone’s sleep.

But, I will prevail. I am getting better after a mild relapse, and miss working out. I need to stay in shape for my sanity now. I might mix up my routine at this point, so I don’t have to get frustrated if my performance isn’t what I think it should be… The great thing about maintaining the same routine is that you can really measure progress. The downside is that you can come to expect too much of yourself.

I might have to think about a new goal…. New pics in three months? 10 pounds of mass in three months? I have to think about this. I want to keep making progress.

What motivates you to keep working hard to build muscle?

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