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Bodybuilding Over 40… in reality…

Ok.  In my last entry, Getting Back in Shape, I mused that I felt ok…   Truth be told, that first time through three sets of the Routine wore me out.  I didn’t realize it until the day after I wrote.   I remember sucking wind like I hadn’t in several years as I finished each set of each exercise that made up the routine.

I was reminded of another little “gotcha” that seemed to always rear its head when I resumed lifting weights.  That is, I have nearly always developed muscle knots in my lower trapezius, right under the edge of my right shoulder blade, after starting another attempt to get back in shape over the past years. These constant muscle spasms could jolt me with enough pain when I turned my head to the right that I’d gasp.  I’d always resort to a week or two of rest and attempts to stretch out the spasm, completely derailing my exercise plan.

This past Sunday I woke up barely able to turn my head…  Frustration.  I tried a lot of things to relieve the pain but nothing worked until I found a stretch that did the trick late in the day.  The key to the stretch for me was in the forearm flex.  I stood facing a wall, with my arm reaching toward the wall, completely parallel to the floor (straight out in front of me).   When I pushed against the wall with my wrist bent upward, and pushed my shoulder forward as far as I could while still staying square to the wall, I finally felt the knot being stretched out.  I hadn’t had any relief until I had my palm flat on the wall.

I woke up Monday a little sore, but knot-free.  My wife was tired too, and as we tried to get ready to work out, we both realized that we were each exhausted.  The three sets was a big change, and the little guys had really wreaked havoc on our sleep one night, so we were by no means well rested.  We put off our Monday routine to Tuesday.

One way to make sure you absolutely transform your body in 90 days, as DelMonte challenges some of his email subscribers, is to never miss a beat on the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.  I’m trying to remain grounded in the reality of my life, so if I only severely transform my body in 90 days as opposed to “completely” transforming it, I’ll still be ecstatic.  Surgical removal of a home office desk chair from my person sounds expensive, and that’s the route I was on.   The routine is tough and I’m getting results.

As a matter of fact, someone I saw at church on Sunday asked if I were losing weight.  No kidding.  After only seven or eight workouts, and no dietary changes.  In fact, we had been to a party and I absolutely enjoyed sampling ALL the food.  I have been eating a lot, and not as mindfully as required to get ripped and shredded.

So Tuesday the 9th came fast.  We worked out later in the day, and managed time between sets a little differently.  We had been blowing right through as fast as possible.  Now we waited about 60 seconds before starting the next exercise.  Even though the first attempt at three sets of the entire routine was so tough, I increased my bench press, squat and plate chopper weights by 5 pounds.  Call me a glutton for punishment.

I did much better getting through each set of each routine, but hit that cardio wall again towards the end of the second pass.  The third set was very tough motivationally speaking.  I had to keep repeating “train hard, get results” to myself.  I probably got an even better pump this time around, but felt too dead to indulge my inner 16 yr old and flex for my mirror.

Even with the increased weight on those exercises, I was able to do more dips than I ever had before.  My shoulders have always been scrawny and small.   It’s obvious I’m getting stronger.  Now I just need to sleep more!

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