06/15/2009 - bob

Another week passes… with only two workouts

Like I’ve said previously, sleep is a precious commodity. Heck, I’m writing this at 12:48 AM.  But time to focus only comes after the kids are asleep, and their Aunt dropped by today and wound up reading several books to them in bed… They finally passed out very late.

We only managed to work out Tuesday and Saturday.  Both days we got through three sets of the routine.  Both days I got more unassisted dips done than ever before.  That felt good.  Building endurance through weight training is a route I really never would have considered before signing on to Vince DelMontes’ program.   I would have hopped on my bike.  I should do that, and will, but have given priority to trying to get my garage and workshop in order.  Lame, but it really is out of control.

I’m still making great gains.  It’s still just under a month, and I’m still increasing weights on exercises even though I’ve struggled to complete three sets in under an hour.  Maybe tomorrow, or later today I should say, I’ll keep all the weights the same as my workout yesterday.   This time, I definitely recovered better, again reminding me that I’m making progress.  Last week at this time I was in dire shape with muscle knots and far more tired.   If I can get through the routine in an hour or less, I’d be convinced I’m improving my endurance tremendously.

I’m 6′ 2+” and started working out weighing just over 180 pounds.  I was only able to do a couple of body weight dips when we started working out, especially since they are near the end of the routine.  I’ll “weigh in” again tomorrow, but I think I was a leaner 185 this morning.

If the kids sleep, and I wrap this up soon, I’ll be getting about 6 hours of sleep, which unfortunately, is a lot for me.

Enough for today’s update.   I need sleep to push myself tomorrow.

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