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Bodybuilding over 40… continued

So it turns out I had forgotten some of the details of the free 12 week body transformation workout routine I had received from Vince DelMonte.

I was supposed to be doing three sets of 15 reps of each exercise, supersetting them in one 10 exercise monster set… for only three weeks.

I had barely been able to get through one of these supersets when I first started.  It took nearly four weeks to get to the point I attempted three sets.

As I reviewed the program, I re-learned that I should already have been in the four supersets of ten exercises phase… oh well, I guess.

Here’s a point from me.. I’m not in my mid twenties looking to pack on 41 pounds of muscle to go out to clubs and meet girls interested in guys who just put on 41 pounds of muscle… I do want to put on as much as I can, because, quite frankly, I am getting great results and it is downright fun to be succeeding.  Really!  So it’s taken my 48 year old bones some time to rebuild the stamina to get through multiple supersets.  Now I’m trying to stick more to the program.

Another point of progress… laugh if you will, but today is the first time in my life I could do ten bodyweight dips.  I did it on my first set, and still managed to do nine in each of the following three sets.  This program is still kicking butt. Even when I was going to a gym regularly in my early thirties, 12 years ago, and leg pressing nearly 400 pounds on one of the sled machines, I couldn’t do more than four or five dips.  I felt so pathetic I never did them.  Pushing myself in the basement is a lot easier.  We’re fortunate to have a lot of weights in our basement.  It’s making our working out together possible.   This is one aspect of “my stuff” my wife isn’t complaining about my dragging from house to house as we moved!  My musical gear.. that’s another story, but we’re doing the dips between massive PA speaker cabinets I still have!   Now that I’m getting back in shape I know I’ll be able to move the gear more easily once I start gigging again.

My wife and I looked at her travel schedule this past weekend and decided to set our workout days as Sunday-Tues-Thurs for this week.  Sunday was our first time through four sets. We were wiped out from lack of sleep, my parents’ visit, the boys not sleeping one night, so opted to make today, Wednesday the day.  I know we’d get maximum muscle gain strictly following Delmonte’s program to the letter, but, as I said previously, our middle-aged lives are rather complicated.  Flexibility is key to staying with the program for us.

My wife is making great progress too, and has become quite the believer of Vince’s theory on growth hormone being an amazing fat-burning catalyst.   She is not pushing herself as hard on each exercise as I am, but plenty hard to build muscle, and has fit into her size 8 jeans for the first time in four years.  Yesterday we were talking, and she guessed we’d been working out 8 or more weeks… I think she actually said 10 weeks… based on the rapid progress and weight loss she has been making.  She was shocked to learn we’d only started our 6th week of working out together on Sunday.

I can attest to the growth hormone-fat loss connection myself.   I haven’t put on any more “love handle” even though I’ve been indulging…   My wife baked the best cookies in the world for me with our boys for my birthday, I had a small piece of father’s day cake with my sisters and parents and my family, I had two beers and greasy appetizers at a restaurant on my birthday, followed up by a small cake chaser….  all since my last blog entry!  (Not a model I suggest following!!!) I’m not gorging on cheat food, but I’m not eating like a bodybuilder for sure.  I imagine my gains would be even better if I cut out the cheat food and ate stricter percentages of protein, carbs, and fats…

I know I mentioned I intended to alter my diet to maximize my gains, but I’ve been pretty lazy about that.  I like to eat.  I eat well 99% of the time… My biggest indulgences are pasta and tiny bit of ice cream.  About once a week my little guys shriek with joy for pizza night.   I’ve been having a protein snack before bed, eating a small bit of leftover chicken or steak or burger from dinner, or two tablespoons of peanut butter (9 grams of protein? Who knew?)  We eat a lot of fruit and fresh vegetables in our house, eggs for breakfast, juices are kept to a minimum.  I’ll shift to five meals vs. four, then possibly six a day.  I won’t deny myself the joy of my little guys jumping at the chance to ride with their dad to go get the pizza… But I’ll cut down the number of slices I eat.

I liked the transition to four sets of 10 reps for each exercise.  I increased weights for nearly everything.  The stamina in all my muscles felt like a limiting factor, although I know I benefited from the intensity of that oxygen debt.  Today was the second time through four sets, and while it was difficult, I got through it in an hour and 20 minutes.

Really, Vince DelMonte’s program… you should check it out.

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