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updated 11/2012
Hi. I’m Bob.  This is a true, evolving story.  I don’t know how far I’m going to take the bodybuilding thing, because I really just wanted to get in shape and stay there.  That said, it is fun to feel my muscles pumped full of blood again, with that “going to burst” feeling.  A lot of things I enjoy in life require some strength, and I’m not going to fade into inactivity when I obviously don’t have to.  I’m also an engineer and scientist and enjoy testing interesting theories.  So, if I can have an amazing physique as I pass 50, why in heaven’s name wouldn’t I?

I have been exposed to the Assisted Living provider business, and have seen the quality of life for elderly residents of assisted living communities.  The devastation of aging is disheartening. Seniors who were once young and vibrant, who fought in WWII, who lived and loved, many are now barely able to move.  I’m not necessarily scared of aging, but if getting into the best shape of our lives is possible even now, and helps us maintain our own mobility as we age, why not do it? Will it delay aging?  No.  Time marches on, but I don’t have to lay in the path of its parade and let it trample me.

I don’t want to have to shy away from double diamond ski runs when my boys are ready to ski them.  I will probably need a couple more ibuprofens for my knee than they ever will, but that’ll be a small price to pay for that fun!

FTC Disclosure:
I would actually get a commission if anyone were to purchase DelMonte’s program or any of the others from the links on this site.

Are my results real? Absolutely! Did I work REALLY FRIGGIN HARD? You betcha. Did I make these gains following DelMonte’s material? Absolutely…. read the blog. Will you see similar results? I don’t know. I do know you won’t see any improvement in your physical condition if you buy a course and continue to sit on your couch drinking soda or beer chasers for your fried chicken and french fry dinner.

Work hard. Eat well. Get results.


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