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  • It’s hard enough to focus on bodybuilding workouts with the level of effort required to get real results. Add in the constant drone of voices of anxiety on the news, and it looks miraculous that you can even focus on working out and taking care of yourself at all. Life is generally hectic for everyone.
    Even when events seem to conspire to prevent you from working out, you can always pick up where you left off, so don’t despair.

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  • Time and obligations interfere with my bodybuilding effort. I’m not going to compete, and I don’t know yet how far I’ll take this effort, but this new approach has been surprisingly effective. Despite the demands of life interfering with my workout schedule, I’m getting more and more muscular, stronger, and still burning fat. Progress is fun!

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  • 06/29/2009 - bob

    Bodybuilding Over 40, or Is It? Featured

    Bodybuilding over 40… I am sure glad I landed on Vince DelMonte’s info when I did. I recently did a few searches on “bodybuilding over 40” and browsed a couple of “supplements are awesome” sights. The only bodybuilders over 40 I could find in my quick check of any discussion of age and bodybuilding had […]

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