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  • 07/04/2009 - bob

    The Workout Routine Featured

    It turns out that I had forgotten a few details when I started this routine on May 18th. I had combined the content of two of DelMonte’s free videos to create a compound exercise full body routine. What I had forgotten was the number of reps/set, rest, and number of supersets per week. I think […]

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  • All day I wondered why I felt so tired, so wiped out, so sore.    I had changed the routine a little bit.  Instead of the clean I substituted an upright row.  My elbows have been aching, and I thought the clean motion might be responsible.  Actually, not warming up enough might be playing a big […]

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  • 06/06/2009 - bob

    Getting Back in Shape

    Saturday, 6/6/09 Hi, thanks for stopping by.  My first post in this blog has a lot of the back story, so I’d suggest you find the “Get In Shape” post. I had started writing the first post last Wednesday, and edited it yesterday, shortly after finishing that workout.  I cleaned up a few typos and […]

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