Vince DelMonte Workout Routine Video

Updated 11/17/2012

This is one of the two videos that inspired me to start lifting intensely.  I wanted to boost my metabolism and build strength in the most time-effective manner possible.  With young sons, there just is not a whole lot of time for myself. So it seemed logical to do a routine based on the exercises that give “the most bang for the buck.”

Every time I watch it I’m reminded of something I forgot.  Since I’m working out in our basement, I don’t have the room to do standing presses, so I chose to do “the clean” and seated dumbbell presses separately. Frustrating, but we deal with whatever we have to to make progress, right?

This is the routine that got me going.

It’s a theme I repeat in many of my early blog posts, but I either did not start with light enough weights, or I was in such bad cardio shape that I couldn’t get through three of these supersets with the rest periods between exercises he specifies. If you’re just starting up an exercise routine after a long time of not having one, I’d say that it’s probably better to start with light enough weights to get through three supersets. This routine is really deceptive, especially if you are used to waiting a long time between exercises. The superset aspect is a killer! (in a good way, of course!)

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